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[atlarge-discuss] enough waiting for nothing

The month of January has ended with no action. No action is in sight.

There have been motions and consensus on this list that immediate Polling of the membership on the issues that are important for our future direction is desired.

James Khan and Richard Henderson have helped and encouraged me in setting up the members' questions in the Polling Booth. Some questions are my own.
These members and myself are not an elected Polling Commission and the results will therefore not be "official" .
Nevertheless, they should provide welcome guidance information for both the Panel and us members.

the Supervisory panel has let us down.

Vittorio, if you wish to help me make sure that everybody gets the chance to vote, then please email me privately the email addresses of the latest members that have signed up after I re-directed all signup to your database (20 or so?) , so that the Booth can send them their unique voter login too.

I would like to ask for your endorsement of Bruce, Jefsey, Walter Schmidt and Jan Siren as watchers over the Polling process.

All members will receive a Polling Notice with their unique password over the weekend .
If I can manage to start the Polling today, the Poll will be closed on February 7.

Polling TOPICS

James Khan's Questions

What kind of organizational development do you favour?

Jefsey Morfin's Questions

Our Mission options

How should we be organized?

Joop's Questions

Do you want to join a Party?

Would you help to set up a Party?

Judyth's Survey

Judyth's Options to be read and ticked together

Judyth's survey , DPF's formulation.

Direct Democracy or Board Authority?

pre-Nomination process for ICANN AtLarge

Who would you trust to write an Icannatlarge Charter

pre-Nomination process for ICANN AtLarge

Who would you NOT want on the Nominating Committee

Richard Henderson's Questions

Can all members poll their fellow members?

Inside or outside ICANN?

regular polls or not?

Trusting ICANN's At Large structuring

To RALO or not to RALO

Experimenting with full transparency, some of the results of the questions will be visible immediately as the Polling progresses.

If these Polls can proceed reasonably successfully, I would propose that an election for a Polling Commission with a twelve month mandate be held later in February.
I agree with Jefsey that in a direct democracy the most important part to be controlled by process is the formulation of Polling questions. They must grow out of constructive debate among a few trusted elected members. The Panel has not been elected for this task and no single person can be expected to be both comprehensive and unbiased all on his/her own.


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