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Re: [atlarge-discuss] enough waiting for nothing

On Mon, 03 Feb 2003 11:42:07 +1300, you wrote:

>The month of January has ended with no action. No action is in sight.

This is not true. There is a draft motion on the Panel to approve a
general membership vote. Feedback on the motion (notwithstanding my
solicitations) may have been low, but if you still believe in
democratical self-organizations, you should accept the fact that there
is an elected panel that has to approve things before they are done
(at least if they have to be done as an action of the organization
towards its members).

>Vittorio, if you wish to help me make sure that everybody gets the chance 
>to vote, then please email me privately the email addresses of the 
>latest  members that have signed up after I re-directed all signup to your 
>database (20 or so?) , so that the Booth can send them their unique voter 
>login too.
>I would like to ask for your endorsement of Bruce, Jefsey, Walter Schmidt 
>and Jan Siren as watchers over the Polling process.

It's not me who can endorse anyone (this is not a company and I am not
the CEO) - it's the panel.

I would suggest that you (and anyone else interested) review and
comment the draft motion:


so that I can put it to votes as soon as possible. Hopefully, enough
panelists will show up to approve it and then I'll be able to give you
the membership list and we'll run a proper vote. Otherwise, you'll
only bring confusion to our membership.
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