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RE: [atlarge-discuss] Panel Mandate options

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> From: Joop Teernstra 
> For the Poll on structure that I will conduct as a bottom-up member 
> initiative, I do not feel that the absence of those who did 
> not want to receive messages will make a significant difference.
> Of the ones who DO want to receive messages 1 in 5 votes.  
> How many votes would we miss at worst?  Enough to give those who
> want to discredit the results an argument.:-)  , but otherwise
> only important in marginal vote -outcomes.

Joop, until otherwise set up, I'd think an email should be sent 
to absolutely everyone that signed up for atlarge. Once. I don't 
think you need the list to do that, the 'watchers' can do that.
This can simply be a "We're here, are you and do you want to 
remain a voting member?" message. Those that don't respond in
xxx days or respond that they'd like to be dropped - are dropped.

How long to wait? A week? 2 weeks? Business like planning for
the election can continue, there's no need to wait for those
responses during this time. But at some point, a 'clean' version
of the "Membership Email List" will come together. 

> I will send the 169 a reminder today.
> For the moment that's the most I want to do to people who 
> requested not to be spammed.

Again, I think everyone that ever signed up and didn't explicitly
drop their membership, should get a notification NOW. If anyone
of them consider a Wake-Up message as Spam then they don't 
belong here. A member doesn't have to be active, but has to be
reachable. Must be reachable. 

> Whoever on this list supports me sending this Poll message to 
> the *whole* list, please give your support to Judith's argument.

I don't support you sending this. I'd rather see the watchers
like Judith send it. Anyone (I will if needed and asked) can
provide the service if they don't have access to the technology, 
but to eliminate as many voices of dissent, I'd like you to have
a hands-off policy in regards to the email list. As of now, we
have 3 folks in possession of this list (do you have a different
one? Additional people?) and I'd be more comfortable if it
stayed that way for now.

<< -------------------------------------------------- >>
This issue again points out a huge flaw in the current
structure. There needs to always be two lists:

1 - a list of members and their contact email addresses
    where they can always be contacted about atlarge

SIDE NOTE: When it comes to the planning of any vote,
this Membership List should be contacted and encouraged
to join the Discussion list, or at least be prepared to
join in nominations and voting.

2 - the discussion list, an option for members to join
    if they want.

IMHO, this structure should be one of the first things the
new panel takes up as a project. A clean Membership List
held by at least 2 sources is a must.


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