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[Fwd: Re: [atlarge-discuss] Panel Mandate options]

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espresso@e-scape.net wrote:
> We are now in a situation where it seems you consider as members
> only the people who registered at your site and did not ask to
> be removed from your list, whereas there is another, non-identical
> list of members of ICANNATLARGE.ORG all of whom are theoretically
> members of this group and who should be eligible to vote. It's
> the latter list which should be used, and its members should
> receive all official notices -- unless we choose to send a
> preliminary message asking them to confirm their memberships
> before we ask for nominations.

I concur.

> Surely it's not just the volunteer watchers who should be
> consulted about the questions on ballots! We've been talking
> about using the Polling Booth as a means by which members can
> pose their own questions, so we need a process which is a little
> more transparent and democratic than Joop proposing questions
> and a couple of other volunteers approving them. At least, I
> believe we need that process for the real votes of the
> future organization, though perhaps not for informal polling
> at icannatlarge.com for its own purposes.

I also concur.  I take no personal offense at your concern that I have been 
one of the very small number of volunteers who have seen the questions.  That 
imposition of unearned responsibility has made me somewhat uncomfortable, 
quite apart from the consideration that I sometimes have been unable to match 
my ability to respond with Joop's sense of urgency.  The reality is that I 
too am "multitasking."

> We are, I think, at the point where a distinction must be made
> between something official -- an election, a vote on the mission,
> etc. -- and something unofficial like the famous "trust" question
> on the previous poll. It may sound somewhat heretical but there
> is a saying about the rules being made by the people who show up
> and I'd venture that this list is the proper place to discuss
> the content and wording of any questions to which we want an
> official answer, as long as the voting is then open to all
> registered members whether they read the list or not.

That works for me though it is not the only process that could be devised.  
Thank you for your thoughtful commentary.

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