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Re: [atlarge-discuss] MOTION! Panel Members! Speak Out NOW!

On Mon, 31 Mar 2003 16:38:09 -0800, <bruce@barelyadequate.info> wrote:

>1.  Judyth and Jan should release the membership list to all existing Panel
>members.  As of this message, that would be myself, Jefsey Morfin and Eric
>Dierker.  Others who feel they should be included should also reply.
>[   ] Yes
>[X ] No
>[   ] Abstain

I don't accept that if 90% of a panel resigns that the person who came
20th (basically bottom) in an election should become a panel member
and with the remaining two members have any authority.  The panel is
inquorate by any normal definition of being less than half or even
quarter of its membership.

The last legitimate elected officer gave the lists to two watchdogs to
run the next election.  An online informal poll of list members
confirmed that they should use that list to run an election.

Frankly I'm staggered that the two remaining panelists should spend so
much time demanding their rights when they are part of the panel that
so badly failed icannatlarge.org and has probably doomed it.  With all
respect if I were them I'd be standing aside.

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