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Re: [atlarge-discuss] Nomination for the coming elections

I would like to nominate Wolfgang Kleinwächter for the Web site Panel.
Wolfgang is a professor for International Communication Policy and Regulation at the University of Aarhus, Denmark. He was a member of the Membership Implementation Task Force (MITF) for the At Large elections and has initiated the ICANN Studienkreis in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
He collected 83 votes in the first election, second after Vittorio.
Perhaps this time he will participate more actively.

I also like to nominate IZUMI AIZU
Izumi Aizu from Asia Network Research has been a member of ICANN's Membership Advisory Committee (MAC) which had recommended the At Large elections. He has also participated in the NGO and Academic ICANN Study (NAIS). He collected 43 votes in the first election.

Following the members' preference for a division of powers, I second from Jefsey's nominations:

Ted Byfield (for the Panel)
Rod Dixon (for the Panel)
Sotiris Sotiropoulos (for the Panel)
Asaad al Najjar (for the Panel)
Jon Weinberg (for the Panel)
Alan Levin (for the Panel)

Richard Henderson (for the Polling Commission)
James Khan (for the Polling Commission)
Norbert Klein (for the Polling Commission)
Roozbeh Pournader (for the Polling Commission)

Walter Schmidt (for the membership committee)
Ron Sherwood (for the membership committee)
Stephen Waters (for the membership committee)

More names will come in as a result of the pre-nominations now being held in the Polling Booth.
Those who may not be on this list have been cc'd.
I will also post these nominations and seconds in the Forum.