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Re: [atlarge-discuss] propose a nomination period...

Rod Dixon, J.D., LL.M. wrote:

With regard to the paypal matter, I have some thoughts on that, but I think
that selecting a membership verification could be finalized after we
establish a number of preliminary organizational objectives that are
required to get us moving toward the goal we have for being here in the
first place. Since there is some concern for who might be on the ML, why not
elect a bootstrap panel (of 3 or so?) through open ballot on the ML? Once
the panel is elected, it would be the task of the panel to guide the
discussion through resolution of our preliminary organizational objectives,
ground rules for discussion, mission statement drafting, etc. in a
systematic manner.
I am in favour of doing exactly this, but I'd prefer to have the ML subscriptions frozen ASAP and that voting be limited to the ML, if we were to go this route. New subscribers to the ML *as of this date and time* would be considered ON HOLD (i.e. not eligible) for this onlist election.


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