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Re: [atlarge-discuss] propose a nomination period...

On 06:19 01/05/03, Rod Dixon, J.D., LL.M. said:
I propose that, if we agree that progress is desirable, a panel or an individual must guide the group
Dear Rod,
this is the target of the current election. To elect a panel deciding on a very few things but probably including the reponse to what you ask for. To guide it the Panel will use the responses of the Members to the question you and everyone can propose to be added to the ballot. So the Panel is elected and at the same time told what the Members want.

There are as usual two different positions: unilateralists trying to centralize the decision into the hands of a Guide and multilatralists trying to distribute decision according to the principle of subsidiarity. The mood is as usual uncertain, people tending to be naturally multilateralists but laking a proper vision to know where proximity unilateralism starts. The "Kings George" syndrom as some start calling it nowadays. jfc

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