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Re: [atlarge-discuss] FYI: Anonymity, identity and authority

Michael and all fellow members,

  It is true that we have a few too many members that seem more interested
in characterizing other members as "Kooks" and "Zombies" when posting to this
ML Forum as a method of being disruptive.  I am sorry and saddened that
you Michael are one the most prolific in that list behavior.  I hope
that you at some point in time see and understand the error in
your ways in that regard towards any and all members.

  As to your suggestion regarding authentication I agree that this is
a very good and useful idea.  Thank you for at least furthering this
idea forward again and participating in a more productive manner.

  My concern as others have also enumerated, is that many of our members
that may not have $100.00US for this purpose are therefore financially
disadvantaged.  That would be inconsistent with our already stated
inclusive principals.  How would you Michael suggest we address that
aspect of your furtherance of this idea/suggestion?

Micheal Sherrill wrote:

> Hello Judyth, Sotiris, and Stephen:
> The $100 mentioned comes from my previous post stating that it is important to verify a voting member as a single, and real, entity.  We have far too many kooks and zombies that trash this organization.  I am going forward with the approximately $100 cost to gain authentication as a real person.  With verification from my bank manager and my attorney I can use the Thawte Web of Trust certificate as a basis to continue to verify other ICANNatlarge members.  Soon, if you are in, or around, San Joaquin County in California I will be happy to certify you as a real, and singular, member of this group.  You need not bring money, just two accepted photo IDs will give you your right to have an undersigned digital signature on your email.
> We have to start somewhere to parse those that live only to disrupt.  It is a small contribution to getting something done.  I will spend the $100 so that other members can honestly vote.
> Regards,
> Micheal Sherrill
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> From: Sotiris Sotiropoulos <sotiris@hermesnetwork.com>
> Date:  Thu, 01 May 2003 00:20:20 -0400
> Stephen Waters wrote:
> >On Wed, 2003-04-30 at 19:43, Sotiris Sotiropoulos wrote:
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> >>espresso@e-scape.net wrote:
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> >>>Perhaps this will help to explain why I respectfully
> >>>disagree with my fellow-Canadian, Sotiris, who seems
> >>>to believe only those willing to pay $100 to have their
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