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At 03:14 p.m. 1/06/2003, J-F C. (Jefsey)  Morfin wrote:
This message seems blocked by the mailing list. I resend it in two parts.
Sorry for the unexpected delay.
Part 1.

Dear Polling Committee Members,
Dear Watchdogs
Dear Members,
1. the raw data of the election as received by the exec@atlarge.org before Sunday June 1st, 00:00 GMT have been compacted and crypted as the "sealed.zip" file and sent to the members of the polling committee. It is copied on several disks and copied on several machines.

2. the name of the list has been changed as "atlarge-closed" to make a difference with the ballot arriving after the limit which will not participate to the election.

3. the following files have been sent to the watchdogs
- atlarge.vid the list of the VID of all the Members
- atlarge.wtc the data of all the ballots stripped from any other indication than the number of the line, the VID of the voter, the order of reception, the vote and the matter.
- atlarge.vtv the sorted list of the VIDs of the voters.
- atlarge.vtr the sorted list of the voters
- the watch.c current version

5. This file will be made available online to all the Members as soon as I get some information from volunteers for an FTP site. I will then forward a mail to the whole membership.

4. The provisional results (subject to Members verification of the watch.c program) are:
>>> Voters: 216
That is enough participation to give validity to the result.
Thanks Jefsey for soldiering on till the end.

I will also copy the results on www.icannatlarge.com/voting

Now you can stand down for some well deserved R&R.


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