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RE: [atlarge-discuss] REPORT ON ELECTION AND RESULTS - with the BALLOT

Here's the same results, now sorted with highes votes
first, or highest "Y" votes first.

BALLOT =====================================================

[100] Joop Teernstra 
[71] David Goldstein
[68] Sebastian Klein
[67] Daniel  Chirita
[63] Daniel Tobias
[61] Andre Rebentisch
[61] Abel Wisman
[59] Hugh Blair
[59] Gilbert Lumantao
[59] Ivonne Valeria Muņoz Torres
[51] Sotiris Sotiropoulos

[48] Mauro Demian Rios
[47] Jonathan Robin
[46] James Graham
[46] Catherine Hughes
[46] Dominic Pinto
[44] Thierry Amoussougbo
[44] Curtis M Kularski

[41] Bob Crawford
[39] Pierre Ouedraogo
[35] Mark Poole
[30] William Jones
[25] Paustinus Siburian
[22] Maniam S
[22] Asaad Alnajjar
[20] Kristen Doyle
[10] James Voorhees

QUESTIONNAIRE ==============================================

1. an "@large" is [Choose one only] a Member of :
 43(Y) - 11(N) the ICANN community
 29(Y) - 16(N) any global internet governance org.
   or is:
 29(Y) - 16(N) a concerned user
 26(Y) - 17(N) a common Internet user
 11(Y) - 21(N) mainly a domain name registrant

2. you want our organization to be:
   [Choose one only]
 54(Y) - 16(N) an alliance of @large organizations
 27(Y) - 16(N) central federal umbrella
 24(Y) - 22(N) centralized

3. our membership is diverse - should we
   [Answer all that apply]
 62(Y) -  7(N) have an at-large spokeman?
 54(Y) - 10(N) have national members associations
 52(Y) - 17(N) have a single organization
 46(Y) -  9(N) have specialized member organizations
 45(Y) - 13(N) have lists in different languages
 38(Y) - 16(N) have an at-large site ring?
 34(Y) - 11(N) unit member organizations
 13(Y) - 24(N) have parties

4. we elect a Panel, should it mostly be a:
   [Choose one only]
 55(Y) -  7(N) a catalyst using motions and MoUs
 54(Y) - 13(N) decision structure

5. such a Panel should:
   [Choose one only]
 50(Y) - 15(N) administer specialized committees
 41(Y) - 13(N) liaise with responsible committees
 25(Y) - 19(N) be a "do-it-all" Panel

6. the web site is important to our image, should it be:
   [Answer all that apply]
 78(Y) -  5(N) include committee controlled subsites
 59(Y) - 10(N) controled by the Panel
 38(Y) - 15(N) independently managed by news pros

7. if we have committees should they:
   [Answer all that apply]
 62(Y) -  9(N) be elected by the Members
 61(Y) -  3(N) organize an open deddicated maillist
 51(Y) -  7(N) completed by open working groups
 45(Y) - 16(N) be chosen by the Panel
 24(Y) - 19(N) be self selected

8. please indicate the committees areas of responsibility:
   [Answer all that apply]
 76(Y) -  8(N) membership
 73(Y) -  6(N) constitution (incorporation, charter)
 65(Y) -  8(N) polling
 62(Y) -  9(N) website
 62(Y) -  5(N) press and public relations
 59(Y) -  5(N) finance
 55(Y) -  9(N) legal
 53(Y) - 10(N) World Summit on Information Society
 54(Y) -  9(N) executive (ext.relations, positions)
 40(Y) - 10(N) user systems technology
 37(Y) - 15(N) management of xxx.atlarge.ws sub-DNs
 34(Y) - 14(N) mailing list sergeant at arms
 34(Y) - 11(N) ID control

9. after committees and structure are established
   [Choose one only]
 80(Y) -  6(N) should maintain stability for one year
 20(Y) - 11(N) the Panel should be reelected

   [Choose one only]
 49(Y) - 10(N) next Panel should count 11 Members
 17(Y) - 11(N) next Panel should count  9 Members
 17(Y) -  8(N) next Panel should count  7 Members
  7(Y) - 13(N) next Panel should count  5 Members

10. some organizational best practices
    [Answer all that apply]
 81 7018637cj 54(Y) - 23(N) Self Nominations are permitted
 80 7018637cj 57(Y) - 10(N) Polling Officers can be reelected
 79 7018637cj 39(Y) - 11(N) only watchdogs cannot be a candidate
 78 7018637cj 69(Y) -  5(N) we need a committee coordination list

11. we have to organize our democracy. Should we have:
    [Answer all that apply]
 80(Y) -  1(N) major motions voted by members
 65(Y) -  6(N) the WGs open to all and proposing
 60(Y) -  5(N) the Panel arbitrating conflicts
 57(Y) -  6(N) committees elected and documenting
 53(Y) - 15(N) an on-going monthly questionnaire

12. our votes or monthly questionnaire will concern:
    [Answer all that apply]
 73(Y) -  4(N) straw polls on maters of interest
 70(Y) -  4(N) votes on motions
 64(Y) - 10(N) answers to influence the net industry
 61(Y) -  6(N) elections

13. the votes should be announced by email permitting:
     [Answer all that apply]
 82(Y) -  7(N) reminders should be sent
 79(Y) -  6(N) to click and vote (online)
 73(Y) -  4(N) to access decision documenting links
 63(Y) - 11(N) to mark and reply (offline)

14. relations with external entities - should we have:
     [Answer all that apply]
 79(Y) -  6(N) relations with ICANN
 66(Y) -  3(N) relations with ccTLDs
 59(Y) -  3(N) relations with community SLDs
 54(Y) -  7(N) presence in the ICANN's RALO process
 50(Y) -  8(N) an interface with ITU
 44(Y) -  7(N) an interface with the GAC
 40(Y) - 14(N) a WG per type of external relations

15. to protect the ownership of our list, web site, DN. we
    need to incorporate. Should we:
     [Answer all that apply]
 56(Y) - 10(N) run a comparative questionnaire
 49(Y) -  8(N) look for more than a shell structure
 45(Y) - 10(N) consider the tax exemption aspects
 30(Y) - 16(N) chose France no tax no paperwork
 13(Y) - 28(N) chose USA for tax exemption

16. we need some organization culture
     [Answer all that apply]
 68(Y) -  3(N) Members: must be identified persons
 59(Y) - 11(N) quorum: 2/3 of the committee member
 49(Y) -  9(N) resignations: next in line takes over
 41(Y) -  8(N) membership: ten seconds call a vote
 40(Y) -  9(N) committee: one second calls a vote
 35(Y) - 12(N) next in line: maximum 2/3 of the list
 34(Y) - 18(N) WG: only members may participate

17. as an @large member do you want to be involved in WG on:
    [Answer all that apply]
 54(Y) -  9(N) privacy protection
 49(Y) -  8(N) DN registrant rights protection
 47(Y) - 13(N) new types of Internet usage
 47(Y) - 12(N) digital divide
 47(Y) -  9(N) e-environment human rights
 39(Y) - 10(N) DNS evolution
 36(Y) - 11(N) local communities outreach and action
 34(Y) - 12(N) internationalized domain names
 33(Y) - 15(N) user technical interests protection
 33(Y) - 15(N) World Submit on Information Society
 32(Y) - 13(N) IPv6
 32(Y) - 12(N) multilingual domain names
 30(Y) - 16(N) new generation networks
 29(Y) - 18(N) @large public relations
 29(Y) - 16(N) @large political lobbying actions
 25(Y) - 20(N) Web Site management
 25(Y) - 16(N) an ITU WG on the Internet
 24(Y) - 17(N) small business constituency
 22(Y) - 20(N) kid protection
 22(Y) - 18(N) wi-fi right protection
 22(Y) - 17(N) community/specialized SLD interests
 19(Y) - 16(N) use of languages in governance orgs.
 18(Y) - 21(N) atlarge.ws sub-namespace management
 13(Y) - 22(N) atlarge.ws sub-namespace servicing
 13(Y) - 21(N) Uniname (http://uniname.org)
 10(Y) - 19(N) RIRs

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