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RE: [atlarge-discuss] The Rights and Responsibilities of Voting...

Richard Henderson wrote:

| My position all along has been that I want the
| Membership to decide the whole direction of this
| organisation, and that includes who should be panel members

Which is what the election was all about.  I don't see the problem.

| I favour the Membership being given the right to further
| define what they want to do with these election results,
| reviewing the process that has taken place, seeing how it
| could be improved for next time, reviewing the appropriate
| term of office for the new panel, and defining the mission,
| tasks, mandate and objectives for the new panel, just so
| there is no doubt about what the Membership wants.

That's called "bylaws." :) That should be our forcus now.

We need to continue with the iniative Danny started, and you have amplified,
to develop some basic by-laws to present to the membership for approval. But
the idea of getting the Panel and several other groups to build "competing"
bylaws sounds counterproductive to me.  Rather, we need to get a lot of key
voices from all sides of this issue involved in the process.  And we need to
analyze the questions answered by the membership and use them to gauge thir
attitudes on the various aspects of the organization, and reflect the
majority views ijn the product we develop.

| Now you may not agree with that approach, but I hope you will
| accept that my sole interest is that the real wishes of the
| Membership are given voice,upheld, and enforced.

I understand.  I just think that the degree of direct member involvement in
the minutia of this organization is unwieldy, could lead to gridlock if
factions develop that can't or won't agree, and leaves this group open to
capture by a dedicated, voiciferous group of radical members with more time
on their hands than the rest of us!  Conversly, I think Danny's approach,
with a very powerful central Board of Directors, goes to far the *other*
way!  To my thinking, the optimal approach is in the middle somewhere: to be
responsive, and to avoid inaction, we need to give the Panel authority to
act independantly within a narrow, succintly defined set of guidelines.
Their work product, particularly things that set policy, would then be
validated or rejected by a vote of the membership.

Richard, although you and I differ somewhat in our approaches, I'd be more
than willing to work with you, Danny, and anyone else on a Constitutional
Convention for the purpose of drafting bylaws for our organization.

Bruce Young
Portland, Oregon
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