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RE: [atlarge-discuss] Where is the New TLDs Evaluation Process?

@Large and Richard,

After browsing some of this info, along with previous references from
JW, it seems clear that ICANN is abrogating the responsibilities it
undertook from the U.S. Dept. of Commerce / NTIA...  I suggest perhaps
we turn our focus on submitting these same questions to the NTIA for
their responses.

Jeff Holt
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When the Y2004 Budget statement refers to the need to "complete any
remaining work" what on earth is it talking about?

Where is the New TLD Evaluation Process?

Where is the New TLD Evaluation Team?

Where is the Chair to be found and appointed to head that team?

Where is the funding to pay for the New TLD Evaluation Process?

Where is the Registry Evaluation Report from each Registry, as required
Appendix U of their Agreements?

Where is the (now discarded) time schedule for carrying out the Process
(which has not even commenced, far less in a state where ICANN can
any remaining work on the evaluation')?

Where is there any evidence that ICANN will keep their word?

Where is there evidence that the ICANN Board or its Staff are competent
carry out the role they lay claim to?

As the Subject of this thread says:

"Where is the New TLDs Evaluation Process?"


Richard Henderson

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