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RE: [atlarge-discuss] Update on Status of Affairs per 29 June 2003

Answers inline, they reflect my personal opinion, not the panel's.

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> From: Richard Henderson [mailto:richardhenderson@ntlworld.com] 
> Sent: 30 June 2003 19:37
> To: Jan Siren; atlarge-discuss@lists.fitug.de
> Subject: Re: [atlarge-discuss] Update on Status of Affairs 
> per 29 June 2003
> I appreciate all Abel's efforts, but it would be helpful to 
> this list if a panelist could post simply:
> (a) the exact wording of each motion, with the voting options

Every vite can be found by selecting "by thread" on the archive and just
look for VOTE (without RE)
That is the one that holds the motion and the options.

> (b) the timeframe for each vote

Usually we allow 5 days as a minimum, if a vote has a majority the
voting remains open for the said 5 days but the motion will be announced
as carried.

> (c) the exact voting record for each vote

The "announce" on the vote shows such, there is I believe one voted
outcome I still have to post to the general list, I will try and do so
Motions that are accepted are as far as I can remember, posted to the
atlarge discuss list, please forgive me for not keeping exact track of
it, if I receive the copy for the general list I already have a number
of those copies in my mailbox and tend to archive them straight away.

> These details, more than much else, will enable the members 
> to keep abreast of what is being decided in their name

I do think that some activity on the part of the members in order to
stay abreast instead of waiting for the panel, which we agreed has a
limited mandate, would be in order. We have discussed and I am thinking
of moving a motion on it to offer to members or the general list in
general a digest of the panel mails on a daily bases, as long as the
panel has not decided on that you can find me farely in favour of
answering requests for such from members direct, though I would prefer
to send 1 to the general list per day.
> The Panel mailing list is highly detailed and busy, but it is 
> often quite hard to sift through and locate the final motion 
> which goes forward for voting

Which is why I send out the status report, which I will try to keep
doing every time this is justified, and which is why we try to use the
headers for easy referral: MOTION = discussion/proposition proposed text
and amendments; VOTE = start of vote; RE:VOTE = actual vote; REPORT ON
VOTE = outcome of vote.
> Obviously when the .org website is fully functional, these 
> details can be recorded there... meanwhile, can the Motions, 
> Voting Records, and Outcomes be posted somewhere else... 
> starting on this list, but ideally - for clarity - on a 
> website, such as Joop's or the .org one?

They are all posted, you can find all correspondence including those on
the archive of the panel list.
Undoubtedly once the webmaster is in place this will be part of the
website, since we hope however to have a webmaster and team in place
shortly (a matter of days) I think it is more prudent to wait for a few

> Yrs,
> Richard H

With kind regards


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