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[atlarge-discuss] RE : [atlarge-discuss] Re: RE : [atlarge-discuss] Abel's, Daniel'sand now Sotiris's double talk regarding our Web site http://www.icannatlarge.org/

Bla bla bla bla

Do you try to understand the problem ?!!! You can save on your disk all
webpages that you want, but view.php is a PHP script on the server which get
all users in the database and shows you!!! 
For moment we dont have a webmaster, so we cannot modify website, please
wait ...


>-----Message d'origine-----
>De : Jeff Williams [mailto:jwkckid1@ix.netcom.com] 
>Envoyé : mardi 1 juillet 2003 05:13
>À : Daniel CHIRITA
>Cc : atlarge discuss list
>Objet : [atlarge-discuss] Re: RE : [atlarge-discuss] Abel's, 
>Daniel'sand now Sotiris's double talk regarding our Web site 
>Daniel and all fellow members,
>  I am quite sure your method of dealing with real problems 
>that are of great importance and potentially embarrassing is 
>for  you and Abel to ignore the member that brings them to 
>public attention or the attention of the members affected.
>  However such an approach is not really effective in the 
>positive and leads to further distrust amongst the members. 
>Ergo I would suggest you discontinue such an approach or risk 
>suffering the consequences as well as being in part 
>responsible for the damage such may or will cause to 
>furthering this fledgling organizations future...
>Daniel CHIRITA wrote:
>> Sorry Jeff, but i have no time to loss with your stupid mails, so i 
>> add you to my ignore list.
>> Regards,
>> Daniel CHIRITA
>> >-----Message d'origine-----
>> >De : Jeff Williams [mailto:jwkckid1@ix.netcom.com]
>> >Envoyé : dimanche 29 juin 2003 07:17
>> >À : atlarge discuss list
>> >Cc : Abel Wisman
>> >Objet : [atlarge-discuss] Abel's, Daniel'sand now Sotiris's double 
>> >talk regarding our Web site http://www.icannatlarge.org/
>> >
>> >
>> >All fellow members,
>> >
>> >  I was the first member to report that just as the ICANN 
>meeting in 
>> >Montreal was underway, that our web site
>> http://www.icannatlarge.org/ had some links missing such as, 
>> http://www.icannatlarge.org/view.php?sortorder=chrono
>> which resolves but the membership data is now missing and has been 
>> sense 06/24/03, as well as on that same date the main site 
>> http://www.icannatlarge.org/ was getting a 403 error as two other 
>> members also verified, Jeff H., and Joanna. The archives for 
>the data 
>> are available as Abel and Daniel have been now twice notified of and 
>> where it is located, as well as the fact that I have a grep from the 
>> 06/23/03 containing all of the missing links data...
>>   Yet is seems that Abel seems to be changing his story each 
>day sense 
>> his first response to my concern as well as Joanna's and Jeff H's, 
>> verification of same.
>>   Now either Abel has no idea what he is doing, or he is not telling 
>> the truth...  In either event, recovery of the missing data from 
>> http://www.icannatlarge.org/view.php?sortorder=chrono
>> as well as other links from the main site, 
>> http://www.icannatlarge.org/ are available and can be easily 
>> restored...
>> Regards,

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