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RE: [atlarge-discuss] Abel's, Daniel'sand now Sotiris's double talk regarding our Web site http://ww

On 1 Jul 2003 at 22:37, Jeff Williams wrote:

> WinGrep is NOT was I was referring to at all Daniel.  I thought I had
> made that fairly clear.  ???  If not, I apologize if you or anyone is,
> or was confused.  I perhaps assumed a knowledge base that does not
> exist amongst a number of our members here.

My knowledge base is perfectly fine, thank you; I am well familiar 
with Unix grep; I've been using Unix command lines for over 20 years 

>   Actually not true here.  Any person that has a good Grep
> utility only needs access to the Web page and it's associated
> links.  Do a search on php Grep  for some further info...

Like this, you mean?

If You grep a remote file, you will only see the output of the server 
- not the source code of a server side script language like PHP.

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