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RE: [atlarge-discuss] Re: [Members] Discuss list gone?

On 07:37 01/08/03, Jeff Holt said:
You tell 'em Richard!

FYI... The Forum is open and may be used.  Try it.  This email list is
getting obsolete and should be discontinued to make way for the new
Dear Jeff,
the purpose of all this is not contention. Richard and I have obviously positvely continued that talk privately.

I am afraid that fora are - as e-mail - a temporary phase into the development of an articulated commonly accepted e-community working habitus and tools. Many interesting propositions have been introduced in the last years in the @large community (including by Joanna Lane), completing ITU (30 years old), Intlnet (25 years old) and IETF (17 years old) experiences. All this is part of the brainware we start exploring (in which you obviously are one of the experimental masters).

The de facto closing of this list may seem a plus today. I do not think it is. This is not to oppose a decision, it is a "braingraber" analysis. We have another example today : what currently happens at the NCUC is for all of us a very sad day. Where @large are losing another opportunity. May be the last one as far as ICANN was concerned. When communities become gettho it is no good for outreach, and communities (like the micro civilizations they are) progress or die.

All this is pure mechanics.

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