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VC: Re: [atlarge-discuss] verification committee

Joanna Lane wrote:
> Bruce,
> It's too early to say exactly what hoops the members will have to jump
> through, but one idea under discussion is the Web Of Trust system at
> www.thawte.com. Some feedback from the membership about that would be
> helpful, even putting yourself through the process.
> On a general note: if you want to address the Verification Committee
> specifically and since we don't have a separate list where you can post,
> probably the best way to reach us is to post here with "VC:" in subject
> line, then we'll know it is addressed to us. I can't speak for others, but
> I'm certainly monitoring this list and will pick up anything relevant and
> draw it to the attention of the VC.

Let's get some perspective on this.  Do you recall the (late, lamented) 
At-Large election conducted by ICANN?  For that election, bone fides were 
established via e-mail, with the physical address confirmed by first-class, 
surface snail mail.  And I am personally willing to endure up to that level 
of bureaucratic red tape once again, even to the point of paying for 
international first-class postage both ways (if some means could be found to 
implement that, so as to minimize the costs for the organization).  But I 
find myself reluctant to "jump through hoops" beyond that level.  I have to 
go through much of this at my work - I was just issued a Combined Access 
Card, a "CAC," in order to continue to have access to DOD facilities, 
computers, and e-mail; don't ask the steps involved - but my employer pays 
the costs involved, including my salary for the time it takes me.

My point is, when it gets personal, I have to do a cost-benefit analysis.  
And that applies to every single member, or prospective member of this 

The VC must ask itself:

If snail mail verification is sufficient, what kind of membership do we 
achieve?  PayPal?  Thawte?

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