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Re: Re: [atlarge-discuss] verification committee

I would advise that this org offers a range of methods of verification to me
mbers (or the option *not* to verify, if they don't want voting rights).

I would suggest one reasonably good method would be along the lines of the B
ritish Passport endorsement, where passport applicants have to get their app
lication forms witnessed by a verifiable individual with some kind of recogn
ised status in society.

For example, one option for At Large members would be to offer the contact d
etails of a local headteacher, doctor, judge, etc who could undoubtedly be v
erified as genuine. If these identifiable people endorsed the true identity
of the applicant, then that would probably be enough for me, unless the memb
er gave us subsequent grounds for suspecting something was wrong.

Of course, Thawte etc could also be options as well. I think the important t
hink is to allow some kind of choice, and as much ease as possible. Also I t
hink we will lose four fifths of potential applicants if we *insist* on veri
fication at the point of joining. Many sympathetic people, who might grow mo
re involved with us, will simply be too busy to want the hassle of a verific
ation process at the "impulse" point when their hearts say - 'Yeah, I identi
fy with this, I'll join.' Many people simply are too busy to want to get lan
ded with verification right away. They'll just surf on by.

I advocate an "open door" policy to membership, with a range of subsequent o
ptions for those who want to get actually involved with voting rights. And a
s you imply, Jan, we should be able to keep it simple and relatively low-tec


Richard Henderson
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> Joanna Lane wrote:
> >
> > Bruce,
> > It's too early to say exactly what hoops the members will have to jump
> > through, but one idea under discussion is the Web Of Trust system at
> > www.thawte.com. Some feedback from the membership about that would be
> > helpful, even putting yourself through the process.
> >
> > On a general note: if you want to address the Verification Committee
> > specifically and since we don't have a separate list where you can post,
> > probably the best way to reach us is to post here with "VC:" in subject
> > line, then we'll know it is addressed to us. I can't speak for others, b
> > I'm certainly monitoring this list and will pick up anything relevant an
> > draw it to the attention of the VC.
> Let's get some perspective on this.  Do you recall the (late, lamented)
> At-Large election conducted by ICANN?  For that election, bone fides were
> established via e-mail, with the physical address confirmed by first-class
> surface snail mail.  And I am personally willing to endure up to that leve
> of bureaucratic red tape once again, even to the point of paying for
> international first-class postage both ways (if some means could be found
> implement that, so as to minimize the costs for the organization).  But I
> find myself reluctant to "jump through hoops" beyond that level.  I have t
> go through much of this at my work - I was just issued a Combined Access
> Card, a "CAC," in order to continue to have access to DOD facilities,
> computers, and e-mail; don't ask the steps involved - but my employer pays
> the costs involved, including my salary for the time it takes me.
> My point is, when it gets personal, I have to do a cost-benefit analysis.
> And that applies to every single member, or prospective member of this
> organization.
> The VC must ask itself:
> If snail mail verification is sufficient, what kind of membership do we
> achieve?  PayPal?  Thawte?
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