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RE: [atlarge-discuss] FW: [Panel] REPORT on VOTE #2003-22 Voter registry


Keeping up with the work that is done is not easy, a lot of activity
makes it hard, I understand that. However the fact that the chairman (at
that moment interim) has a "deciding" vote means that he does not vote
when there is nothing that needs to be "decided". Simple, rules of order
agreed upon at the start of this panel, by the panel members.
What on earth money has got to do with that I have no idea, but I am
sure you can explain that to.

As for your comment that the motion is turbulent, without proper
arguments to your case it can not be heard, which you as a lawyer should
know better then most of us, these kind of remarks are "noise" and can
as such have no other faith then being discarded.

At this moment I would also like to point out that we have agreed as
civil people to no cross post, and posting to "closed" lists is even
more silly, the only one getting the traffic is you, "your post was

Please chose ONE list you want to post to, those that are subscribed are
interested and often also on the other lists, if not then they are not
interested in that list, choose another if you want, but PLEASE post
only to 1 list!

I kindly ask the members to keep this in mind. The icannatlarge.org
lists are all setup to "reply to" the list, no need for "reply to all"

With kind regards


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> Subject: Re: [atlarge-discuss] FW: [Panel] REPORT on VOTE 
> #2003-22 Voter registry
> Come now good members of this esteemed panel.
> This resolution is so much like a turbulant river it causes 
> more problems 
> than it solves. Exactness should be attainable and the fact 
> the helmsman did 
> not participate in the voting makes me wonder who steered the 
> boat/vote? Who is this "chair" named David that cannot vote 
> or direct - and therefor 
> who is directing?
> If you want to raise money you cannot act so silly
> Eric

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