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[atlarge-discuss] Re: [Members] FW: [Panel] Panel Chair Vote, transparency

At 08:47 p.m. 15/08/2003, Abel Wisman wrote:
I bring the following email to your attention:

> Abel Wiseman: 6 (1)-votes and 2 (2)-votes
> Hugh Blair: 2 (1)-votes and 6 (2)-votes
> Abstentions: 2 (with one panelist expressing complaints about
> the process)
> Panelists who voted: Abel Wiseman, Hugh Blair, Mauro D Rios,
> Catherine Hughes, Ivonne Tores, Gilbert Lumantao, Joop
> Teernstra, Daniel Chirita, David Goldstein, Daniel Tobias.
For those who do not read the Panel archives, this communique may be somewhat misleading. Ivonne and myself did not vote. We abstained from voting.

I abstained and I protested the way in which this election was held. It has set a bad precedent.

The motion to hold this election directly contradicted an earlier Panel motion to Rotate the Chair.

The motion was rushed through in my absence, giving me no chance to argue against it or at least to find agreement on a mandate for permanent Chair.

There were only two candidates for two positions and no option to vote against these candidates. (soviet style election)

The candidates had nominated themselves and were not seconded.

The candidate for Chair wrote the ballot options and carried out the election himself. The two observers could only observe the vote.

All this demonstrates the immediate need for an elected Independent Polling Commission.


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