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[atlarge-discuss] Re: [Members] about forum etc.

Good morning, Jeff and all members:

It would indeed be a good thing to know how many of the "signups"
(subscribers) are real individuals. It would also be good to know how many
actually read the miniscule number of posts to the original list.  If (as it
appears) all the "participants" (posters) have moved to the "Members"
moderated list and that list is limited to 60 (I think that is the number
referred to by Joop as the "audience", then either we only have 60 members
worldwide, or we have essentially disowned the other 1000 by moving the
contributors to a small exclusive moderated list.  Surely this is an issue
of some importance to us.

Can whoever hosts the "Members" moderated list please advise us how many
subscribers we have to that list, and the total number of subscribers to the
(apparently defunct) general @Large list?

Thanks for any available info.

I will post a copy of this message to the general @Large list, in an attempt
to attract some comment from subscribers who have not transferred to the
"Members" moderated list.

Ron Sherwood

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> Mbrs;
> A more telling question would be the determination of just how many of
> those 1000+ mailing list "signups" are duplicates or just one-time
> wonders of Web wanderers who have never returned, or worse yet of
> browsers who added a membership just to get their URL listed on another
> page for SEO usage.  At least ONE of the old list had a website that
> resolved to a German dating service.
> Sincerely,
> Jeff Holt
> Jefftttt@txucom.net
> www.tejas-info-services.com
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> Good morning, Joop:
> Surely moderated fora are no different than moderated mail-lists.  If
> the
> quality of a list (or forum) is determined by the skills, attitude and
> social responsibility of an individual (or a committee [ugh!]) then
> surely
> the difference is only one of format and accessibility.  If 1000+
> members
> subscribe to the mail-list and 21 subscribe to a forum... that should be
> telling us something.
> Regards, Ron
> Redundancies removed....

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