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[FYI] Usenet Death Penalty


weil's gerade so gut zum Thema Spam passt:

Aus: Netsurfer Digest Volume 06 Issue 02 (http://www.netsurf.com/nsd/):

@Home, the Usenet Death Penalty, and Online Culture

In the consensual anarchy of Usenet, it takes some serious misbehavior to
prompt a call for the Usenet Death Penalty (UDP). Last week, admins around
the world finally judged that the @Home Network had crossed the line.
Spammers have long used its servers to flood Usenet with spam, and the
company has not addressed the problem. Influential members of the Usenet
community got fed up and decided that unless @Home cleaned up its act
within a week, all Usenet posts from @Home users should be blocked. The
call for the UDP got the attention of @Home management and by the end of
the week the company had cracked down on spam. The admins called off the
UDP and placed @Home on a 30-day probation. It's worth your time to
understand what happened here, and why - this is online culture at work.
Start with the UDP FAQ to get some background, then read the @Home story
via the UDP declaration, @Home's response, and news of the reprieve (which
also has some good information on Usenet popularity among netsurfers). 
UDP FAQ: http://www.stopspam.org/usenet/faqs/udp.html
Declaration: http://www.deja.com/getdoc.xp?AN=571636137
Response: http://slashdot.org/articles/00/01/13/1121209.shtml
Reprieve: http://news.cnet.com/news/0-1004-200-1526165.html


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