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[FYI] Abuzz.com

Aus: Netsurfer Digest Volume 06 Issue 02 (http://www.netsurf.com/nsd/):

Abuzz.com Answers Questions, Profiles Responses

A company spawned by the New York Times has just launched this
question-and-answer site backed by some intriguing collaborative
technology. The site doesn't connect you with experts who answer your
questions, but rather provides a set of forums where users answer questions
posed by other users. What makes this different from all other online
forums is that questions get routed to the users best suited to answer
them, based on profiles users fill out when they sign up. Over time, the
system will adjust the profiles based on how each user responds to
questions. The press release has more details. Incidentally, the most
active topic is Five Favorite Books to Share.
Abuzz: http://www.abuzz.com/
Press release: http://corp.abuzz.com/news/011900.html

Wäre doch eine Alternative zu den Hotlines, wenn man als Konsument bereit
ist, sich a la Semantic Forests katalogisieren zu lassen ;-)


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