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MPAA Continues Intimidation Campaign; Police Raid Home of NorwegianLinux Coder (fwd)

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MPAA Continues Intimidation Campaign Against Open Source Software Community

  Police Raid Home of Norwegian Linux Coder

   The home of sixteen-year-old Jon Johansen, who was among the first to
   post the DeCSS program that allows users to view DVDs on computers
   using non-Windows or Macintosh operating systems, was raided yesterday
   in Larvik, Norway and his computer and cellular telephone seized by

   The police were acting at the behest of the motion picture industry as
   part of the industry's attempt to suppress discussion and distribution
   of DVD-viewing software developed outside of the industry's licensing
   regime to prevent the free availability of such software.

   Both Johansen and his father, who operated the website on which the
   teen posted the code, were questioned at length by the police and have
   been threatened with indictment for posting the code, which the motion
   picture industry dubiously claims was created illegally and promotes
   piracy. Legal analysis of Norwegian copyright and computer crime laws
   suggests the charges would not stick; the action appears intended to
   harass and frighten.

   This action is in addition to three lawsuits filed by the Motion
   Picture Association of America and the DVD Content Control Association
   and their overlapping membership, in California, New York and
   Connecticut against numerous individuals and organizations including
   coders, journalists and an ISP. EFF's legal staff, aided by some of
   the nation's top attorneys in copyright law, are vigorously defending
   those named in the suits, to support the rights of individuals to
   legally develop, post, and discuss software.

   "The motion picture industry is using its substantial resources to
   intimidate the technical community into surrendering their rights of
   free expression and fair use of information", said Tara Lemmey,
   President of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. "These actions are a
   wake-up call for the open-source software community. The process of
   reverse-engineering and public posting and commenting of code that the
   MPAA is attempting to suppress is fundamental to the development of
   open source software as well as being constitutionally-protected

   EFF plans to assist the Johansen family and has already contacted
   several experts in European copyright law to involve them in the case.

   For more information and background material on the MPAA/DVDCCA
   crusade to censor free speech and innovation under the smokescreen of
   preventing piracy, visit EFF's Campaign for Audiovisual Free
   Expression ( http://www.eff.org/cafe ) or follow some of the links


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