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[FYI] InternetMediaHouse.com AG acquires a share in revolutionary internet software


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InternetMediaHouse.com AG <DE0006138605> InternetMediaHouse.com AG 
acquires a share in revolutionary internet software  

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Grünwald/Hamburg (ots Ad hoc-Service) -     

Brand New STAFT offers, for the first time, protection against 
copyright and rights of exploitation for all internet contents - 
German License Rights for the Leading US Filtering Software 

InternetMediaHouse.com AG (Grünwald/Munich), listed on the Neuer 
Markt in Frankfurt, has acquired a 30% share in PAN AMP GmbH. The 
Hamburg- based software company develops and sells innovative 
filtering and protection systems for internet use and e-commerce.  

With the imminent market introduction of the software STAFT (Secure 
Trademark Added File Technology), PAN AMP has access to a completely 
new type of globally unique technology for the protection of 
copyrights for digital products and contents in the e-commerce 
sector. STAFT represents a breakthrough in the development of the 
internet for a more secure data and e-commerce platform. This is the 
first product to offer absolute secure copy protection of all 
internet contents.  

To date any number of copies of a complete product could be made of 
any product purchased digitally - without having to pay any 
additional fees. The music industry in Germany alone suffers annually 
damages of hundreds of millions of German marks. Worldwide the losses 
by the music, video and games industries run into the billions.  

Using STAFT, buyers will be allocated fixed defined and non- 
transferable user rights when acquiring a product. Behind this is a 
completely new procedure of high-performance formatting which was 
developed by PAN AMP chief executive, Bert Weingarten, over five 
years. This software allows a unique license release for all types of 
digital data.  

STAFT protects all digital data, applications and software solutions 
such as text, web, audio, video, graphic and program files or MP3, 
HTML, doc, wav, and exe files. When a customer buys a STAFT-protected 
product, a STAFT certificate is created using a special generator 
which defines and examines all customer rights for the product 
purchased. When duplicating, only the appropriate area of use is 
transmitted. The high degree of flexibility for the release of rights 
allows internet shop operators and providers of digital contents to 
meet customer needs and product requirements on an individual basis. 
Bert Weingarten explains, "STAFT means the technological basis for 
the economic success of digital sales. This pioneering technology 
paves the way for profitable e-commerce without any loss in 

In addition to STAFT, PAN AMP GmbH owns the license rights for German-
speaking countries for the leading US internet filtering software, 
CyberPatrol. CyberPatrol provides effective control of internet 
access in a business. Depending on the work profile, on-line times 
can be individually limited within a company, the access to certain 
internet sites selectively defined and/or undesirable offer areas can 
be blocked. By this means, economic damage as a result of connection 
costs, on-line time, transmitted data material plus loss of work-time 
can be limited on a lasting basis. CyberPatrol dominates the US 
market with an 85% share of the market for filtering software.  

Dr. Ralph Eric Kunz, e-commerce a director at InternetMediaHouse.com 
AG comments, "For IMH investment in PAN AMP means a significant 
expansion of our share portfolio. STAFT and Cyber Patrol are leading 
key technologies world-wide. STAFT in particular represents an 
unprecedented marketing potential, with which we will quickly enter 
the key markets in Europe and the USA.". The IPO is planned by 2001 
at the latest.  

Along with InternetMediaHouse.com AG, founder Weingarten and his 
family, the New York-based Thieme Consulting, Inc and renowned 
Business Angels are also shareholders in PAN AMP. IMH must pay 0.9m 
euros as part of the purchase price from a rise in capital which must 
still be raised from approved capital, which at the end of 
yesterday's trading would correspond to a nominal capital increase of 
approx. 12,000 euros.  

Internet addresses: www.panamp.de www.internetmediahouse.com  

Press contact: Dr. Ralph Eric Kunz Schlossstrasse 23 82031 
Grünwald/München Germany  

Tel: ++49 (0) 89/64949-300 Fax: ++49 (0) 89/64949-150  

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