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FYI: Faked EU-Leader: Markku J. Saarelainen

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Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2000 03:38:24 +0000
To: eucrypto@fitug.de
From: "William A. Nelson" <mjsion@earthlink.net>

US National Security, Economic Intelligence and Encryption

Many ordinary individuals do not understand and realize that the National
Security Strategy of the USA is based very heavily on the economic security
and the implementation of the intelligence strategy in which a key element
of the whole global intelligence cycle is electronic business intelligence.
There are companies that are focussing purely on the collection and
analysis of electronic business intelligence (all forms of the
intelligence). There are systems in place to be implemented in the future
in many regions of the world that have already been implemented in the USA.
These are elements of the USA's strategic intelligence initiatives. Often
also called the system of systems - actually I have also the model of
intelligence islands to describe their arrangements. So whatever you know
now about the Internet and its intelligence acquisition methods and
techniques, these have been known for years by specific security and
intelligence groups working for certain multinational corporations before
these matters ever became the public knowledge. Actually, one of my key
objectives in 1999 was also to influence European parliamentary and other
members to improve the information security in Europe and protect European
business intelligence. Since March and April, 1999 I have communicated with
many European governmental people. My email address that was taken to use
in April, 1999 was MSELI@EARTHLINK.NET that is Markku Saarelainen European
Leadership Institute. Got the picture. The objective is to eliminate the
leadership of the USA's economic and business intelligence collection and
its systems. In August, 1999, I actually learned very good developments
that were initiated by one ex-Finance Minister of Finland in the European

Will you perform complete analysis of my USENET postings since March-April,
1999 and even before that?

I have used 14 different email addresses in the past five years.

Best wishes,



Actually, the character of Markku J. Saarelainen in 1999 and 2000 was the
invention of William A. Nelson who used the identity of Markku J.
Saarelainen to try to capture some ex-KGB officers who were specializing in
encryption and cryptography. Actually, William A. Nelson was not able to
capture any using the character, because the project went wrong and only
one Finnish person (not a KGB officer, but some information security
expert) came. He provided some specific information for this character. So
William A. Nelson was just using the identity of Markku J. Saarelainen.
There was never a real person, Markku J. Saarelainen, on the USENET - he
was just designed and modeled after a real experimentation and was doing
what William A. Nelson wanted this character to do on the Internet.
Actually, the project lasted for some time in 1999 and 2000.

I wish that this helped you.


William A. Nelson


Willian A. Nelson
Email: mjsus@eudoramail.com
URL: http://homestead.virtualjerusalem.com/waeg/

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