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[FYI] FC: George W. Bush endorses Internet filtering

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N E W S  R E L E A S E

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, Feb. 21, 2000

ACTION: Those with Internet access are urged to vote in the online
MSNBC Poll on Internet Filtering at
http://www.msnbc.com/news/362856.asp?0m=-16N *************

HOLLAND, Mi. -- Governor George W. Bush, during a presidential
campaign stop Sunday in Holland, told a local Christian radio station
he believes filters that block "pornography and smut" should be
installed on all Internet services available in public places such as

Gary Glenn, president of the American Family Association of Michigan,
praised Bush's stand.

"On behalf of millions of concerned Michigan parents, we are deeply
grateful to Governor Bush for his unequivocal stand in support of
Internet pornography filters in libraries and other public places,"
Glenn said.  "We call on Gov. Engler and other Bush supporters in the
Republican-controlled Legislature to help AFA-Michigan make Gov.
Bush's stand a reality in every public library and school classroom in

During a tape-recorded interview with morning talkshow host Dottie
Barnes of WJQ-FM, Holland, Gov. Bush was asked to comment on a local
ballot measure -- the first of its kind in the nation -- that would
require public libraries in Holland to install Internet filters.

Bush responded: "I'm not going to tell the people of Holland what to
do on their referendum.  I believe in local referenda.  All the times
I've been asked about filters that will filter out pornography and
smut in the public places, my answer is yes, there ought to be filters
for Internet services that exist in public places."

The two other Republican candidates for president -- Arizona Senator
John McCain and former Ambassador Alan Keyes -- had earlier stated
their support for requiring libraries and schools to install Internet
pornography filters.

Sen. McCain, the primary sponsor (with Michigan Sen. Spence Abraham)
of S97, which would cut federal funding to libraries and schools which
refuse to install filters, last month held a town hall meeting in
Holland to express support for filtering.  In an earlier statement in
South Carolina, McCain said: "Every school and library should be
required to buy filters ^^ they are only $25 ^^- to keep out
materials that are not suitable for children, the same way in which
the library board filters printed materials for the library. You
don^^t keep Hustler in your library, do you?" (The Herald Journal,
Spartanburg, S.C., December 22, 1999)

Keyes last month commented on the issue during the GOP presidential
debate in west Michigan, as reported by the Grand Rapids Press: "Keyes
waved off First Amendment questions over Internet filters. ^^I
don^^t think it^^s a free speech issue in this case. It^^s an
issue of public decency,^^ he said. ^^Don^^t use the First
Amendment. That^^s some excuse to destroy our children^^s lives
and souls.^^" (Grand Rapids Press, January 11, 2000)

AFA-Michigan has urged Gov. Engler and the Legislature to adopt
legislation requiring Internet filtering on all terminals in public
school classrooms and libraries; and in public libraries, on all
terminals but one, with the one unfiltered terminal reserved and
clearly marked for use by adults only.

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