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[FYI] (Fwd) First Echelon Source

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Subject:        	First Echelon Source

Making history: the original source for the 1988 
first Echelon report steps forward

London, Friday 25 February, 2000

By Duncan Campbell

In the circumstances of the extensive worldwide 
political and media attention that is currently 
focussed on the Echelon communications surveillance 
network, I wish to pay tribute to the person who 
first alerted the United States legislature and 
the world to the existence of Echelon.

Following the presentation of my report on Echelon 
and related Sigint systems to the European Parliament 
in Brussels earlier this week, my principal original 
source has said that she may be identified.

I published the first-ever report about Echelon in 
the British political weekly New Statesman on 12 
August 1988. The information about Echelon in that 
report came principally from Margaret Newsham, a 
computer systems manager who is now in retirement.

Margaret Newsham, better known as Peg, was formerly 
employed by a contractor at the National Security 
Agency Field Station at Menwith Hill, Yorkshire, 

Now - finally - 12 years late, CBS has invited her 
to repeat the information we first published in 1988 
on their programme Sixty Minutes, to be shown on 
Sunday evening, 27 February.


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