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two-way satellite/was: nationales internet

Die IFPI ist realistisch, die sagen, Hauptsache die bloeden AOLer etc
werden erfasst, kleinere Loecher im Zaun regen uns nicht auf. Anyway, neue
Technik, neue Filtermethoden ?


Subject: two-way satellite

Individuals uplinking to satellites?  Quite a technical accomplishment!

Issue: Satellite

Microsoft, EchoStar and satellite company Gilat are teaming up to give
Web surfers another high-speed Internet option: two-way satellite
service.  Gilat-To-Home will beam Microsoft Network access to a home
satellite dish, larger than current dishes at about 24 by 36 inches. 
Gilat promises to outperform current satellite speeds, with download
speeds from 400 kilobits per second to 40 megabits per second and
uploads from 56k to 153k.  Testing of the system is under way;
availability is expected by year's end.  No pricing was announced.  
The Yankee Group projects that by 2004, about 3.9 million homes will 
be receiving high-speed service via satellite, compared with 9.6 million
homes with cable modems and 7 million with DSL.  Satellite service will
especially help in rural areas that cable and phone companies might
overlook, says Yankee Group analyst Mike Goodman. 

[SOURCE: USAToday (3D), AUTHOR: Mike Snider]