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Re: Musikindustrie-verliert-1999-$1,400,000,000

On 2000-02-28 14:11:04 +0100, Ralf Stephan wrote:

>           Music Posted by michael on Sunday February 27, @04:22PM
>                           from the two-faced dept.
>    In exciting news this week, the RIAA announced that due to the massive
>    piracy of digital music "ripped" from CD's and made available over the
>    Internet, the music industry lost negative $1,400,000,000 in CD sales
>    in 1999. In fact, the damage was so extreme that the industry shipped
>             negative 90 million fewer CD's than the year before.

Zu den Aussagen möchte ich doch zu gerne die Berechnungsgrundlage
sehen.  Interessant wäre vor allem, wie die RIAA zu dem Schluß
kommt, daß das Internet an den Verlusten schuld sei.