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Pinochet etc.

So ganz kann ich mir das nicht vorstellen, technisch:

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Date: Thu, 02 Mar 2000 08:24:53 +0100
From: Werner Simon <wsimon@unog.ch>
Reply-To: int-law@listhost.ciesin.org
To: int-law@listhost.ciesin.org
Subject: INT-LAW Fwd:Rwanda Tribunal

Dear Colleagues, 

For those of you who would like to know 
more about the fate of the International 
Criminal Tribunal's (ICTR) website, kindly 
have a look at the attached message from 
Gary Meixner, one of the Arusha Tribunal's 
Librarians. You should not hesitate to 
contact him if you are in need of any further 
information (incl. availability of decisions).

W. Simon
UN Law Library/Geneva
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Subject:    ICTR Homepage 
Author: Gary Meixner <grmex@yahoo.com>
Date:       01.03.00 20:55

Good a.m.

Mr. Simon,

Since our connection has now changed from a local
server here to the satellite connection via New York
HQ, we have been without a homepage, and that now for
a month I would guess.

Apparently, the proxies and domain were/are (maybe)
still registered here in Arusha.  The company here, as
I understand it, has to release the technical
information to our EDP department here so that it can
be relayed to another server somewhere else before we
can have a homepage again.

I keep hearing around the Tribunal here that this
should be "soon".  This "soon" not seeming to appear
on the near horizon.  We keep hoping though!

The ICTR site via the www.un.org - which I haven't
persued lately - is out of date I think.

I will most certainly let you know as soon as I have
any concrete information about it from EDP.

If you need any information, just let me know anytime.

Hoping weather improving in the northern climes.



--- Werner Simon <wsimon@unog.ch> wrote:
> Hello again!
> I'm just reminded that the 
> Trib. is still on the Web
> www.un.org/ictr/
> But are there any reasons
> for taking it off the UNHQ 
> site?
> Si
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