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Re: UK: FT on RIP bill

At 15:29 07.03.00 +0100, Axel H Horns wrote:

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>Editorial comment: Spies in the web
>Among the most objectionable parts of this bill are those which 
>require internet service providers (ISPs) to become party to secret 
>surveillance of their customers. This is a large extension of the 
>present system that allows the home secretary to order telephone 
>companies to tap individual phone lines.  

s.a. -> http://www.theregister.co.uk/000306-000020.html


Posted 06/03/2000 4:39pm by Tim Richardson

Opposition mounts against UK's Big Brother Bill

Parliament is today debating plans which will massively extend Government
snooping powers in Britain.

If adopted, the Regulation of Investigatory Powers (RIP) Bill would give
the Government the green light to snoop on private emails and mobile phone

Those backing the Bill say the new measures simply bring new communication
technologies in line with regulations governing traditional telephony

STAND.org.uk [0] e-democracy campaigner Danny O'Brien said: "This Bill
contains ill-conceived proposals that will seriously damage UK ecommerce,
as well as threaten some basic civil liberties.



[0] http://www.stand.org.uk/

s.a. http://www.stand.org.uk/ripnotes/