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[FYI] AU: Hollywood presses for ban on movie software


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Hollywood presses for ban on movie software  


The Motion Picture Association of America has demanded that a Sydney 
Web site stop distributing free software that allows the copying of 
DVD movies.  

A representative from the MPAA also raised the issue last week in a 
meeting with the Federal Attorney-General, Mr Daryl Williams.  

The software is illegal under US law, but not in Australia. However, 
the Federal Government is considering a wide range of changes to 
digital copyright protection in Australia.  


A spokeswoman for the Attorney-General confirmed that DeCSS software 
was "raised as an issue" at a meeting between the MPAA and the 
Attorney-General last week.  

"The Government is taking this issue into account in the context of 
considering amendments to the Digital Agenda Bill due to be debated 
during the current sitting," she said.  

But the Opposition spokeswoman on information technology, Senator 
Kate Lundy, expressed concern that the Government was bowing to 
pressure from the MPAA.  


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