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[FYI] Web Defies Exit-Poll Embargo

Zeitkritische Informationen auf dem Internet beschränken?
Wie das? Hier geht es um Hochrechnungen während einer
laufenden Wahl.


Web Defies Exit-Poll Embargo 

12:00 p.m. 8.Mar.2000 PST 
Exit polls of states holding presidential
primaries on Super Tuesday were available
on the Internet Tuesday hours before
voting ended, despite legal threats to those
publishing the information. 

In fact, many online services openly defied
the ban on publication and showed no
remorse afterward. 

Exit polling is done by Voter News Service
(VNS), a consortium of the ABC, NBC, CBS,
CNN, and Fox television networks and the
Associated Press. The results allow news
organizations to project winners and
announce the results of many elections as
soon as the polls close. 

The results are made available to news
organizations at regular intervals during the
day but are not supposed to be published
until the polls close, in case voters are
deterred from going to the polls. 

Exit polling data is often called "the
worst-kept secret in politics." Most political
reporters and the campaigns themselves
find ways to get hold of the information. 


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