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[FYI] DMCA comments published


vectro writes "Well, the copyright office has published all the
comments they've received. It looks like all the comments are
pro-consumer, with the exception of those from media
companies: Time/Warner (movies), Sony Computer
(interestingly, comments focus on Playstation rather than
movies or music), and the MPAA." These are in .pdf format, so
you'll need Acrobat Reader. 

"..also stell Dich nicht so an/Runter in den Keller/und reiss Dich
 Aus dem Dunkel dringen/seltsame Geraeusche/doch was immer da unten
 Du wirst es verscheuchen/wenn Du Mut hast/und dieses Lied singst."
	-- Die Antwort, "Runter in den Keller"