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Internet Society in England (fwd)

Wie kann man denn sowas, was koennte es bringen, in Deutschland
orgarnisieren ? Fitug real live meeting, Hotel Schulz in Unkel im Mai ??
Jens koennte das orgarnisieren ;-)


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Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2000 20:59:24 +0000
From: Dominic Pinto <dominic.pinto@ieee.org>
Subject: Internet Society in England

May I draw your attention to the following?

We invite friends, supporters and members of the Net and ISOC to attend
the Launch of the English Chapter of the Internet Society at St.
Catherine's College Oxford UK on the evening of 30th March 2000, in the
company of the President and CEO of ISOC, Don Heath, and other members
and industry representatives. For details and registration see
http://www.england.isoc.org  or Email: ebusiness@conted.ox.ac.uk or Ph
Gaye Walker on +44 (0)1865 286953.

The (no charge) launch will be during Oxford University's eBusiness
Conference 2000
(full details at http://www.conted.ox.ac.uk/ebusiness).

We hope that whether or not you are able to be with us in person, you
will be with us in spirit - and that you will let us have your
endorsement and support in this new endeavour. Full details of ISOC
England, ISOC Scotland, ISOC World-wide and our activities are on, or
linked to our Web site at http://www.england.isoc.org

We all look forward to your active participation.
Dominic Pinto
for ISOC-E