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FYI: eEurope Sondergipfel in Lissabon (23./24. Maerz)

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An Information Society for all

All Europeans, every home and school, every business and administration
should benefit from the Information Society. The Commission's e-Europe
Initiative, to be discussed at the Special European Council of Lisbon on 23
and 24 March 2000, aims to ensure that the EU takes advantage of the
opportunities and challenges of information technology (IT). The IT sector
has a significant impact on economic growth and employment, but Europe
needs to learn how to apply IT tools more efficiently to reap their full
benefits. e-Europe aims to put everyone in Europe online as quickly as
possible by concentrating on the following fields of action:

European youth into the digital age;
Cheaper Internet access;
Accelerating e-commerce;
Fast Internet for researchers and students;
Smart cards for secure electronic access;
Risk capital for high-tech SMEs;
e-participation for the disabled;
Healthcare online;
Intelligent transport;
Government online.

These all focus on specific, ambitious targets, which need urgent attention
and for which a joint effort between Member States, the Commission and EU
citizens is required.

COM(99) 687 fin. [0] A copy of this document can also be obtained from the
sales agent nearest you.

[0] http://europa.eu.int/comm/dg13/eeurope/pdf/com081299_en.pdf

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| eEurope   Eine Informationsgesellschaft für alle
| für den Sondergipfel des Europäischen Rates zum Thema
| "Beschäftigung, Wirtschaftsreform und sozialer
| Zusammenhalt – für ein Europa der Innovation und des Wissens"
| Lissabon, 23./24. März 2000
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