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Fwd: Free Software/Open Source: Information Society Opportunities for Europe?

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Free Software / Open Source: Information Society Opportunities for Europe?

		Working group on Libre Software [1]

	 		    March 2000

		   Version 1.1b (work in progress)




A brief history of open source software

What is open source software?

	General idea of open source software
	Open source software licences
	Case study of a non open source licence: SCSL

Development models

	The cathedral and the bazaar
	Developers motivation
	Advantages of open source software
	Perceived disadvantages of open source models
	Cooperation and competition

Economics of open source

	New economic models: Externally funded ventures
	New economic models: Internally funded or revenue based
	New economic models: Unfunded developments
	New economic models: Internal use
	Impact of open source in the total cost of ownership
	The big (macro-economic) picture
	Open source software and renewed competition in the software market

Intellectual property

	Open source and copyright law
	Open source and software patents

Some specific impacts of open source technology

	Promotion of de-facto and de-jure standards
	Diffusion of information technology
	Availability of more secure systems

Some possible scenarios for the future of open source

	No action scenario
	Limited support scenario
	Aggressive scenario

Recommendations by the working group


Some licences

	The Debian Free Software Guidelines
	BSD licence
	X Window System (X Consortium) licence
	GNU General Public License

Some dates of the open source software history