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Law mechant, Grotius etc....

Wenn man so brainstormt, kannn mit der Fundstelle aber nichts anfangen,
Sierk ? MPI, wozu sind die denn sonst da ? ;-)

Klingt aber jedenfalls, paradigmenwechselmaessig, doch sehr interessant:

         You might be interested in a brief piece in 3 Green Bag (2nd 
Series) No 2 (Winter 2000) 171, Timothy Wu, When Law & the Internet First 
Met.  It discussed the fact that cyberspace as a notion and the attempts to 
link it to property law in general have dissolved as the Internet has 
become more integrated into daily life, rather than existing as a parallel 
universe.  It is a brief history and probably not worth looking too hard 
for as it does not mention Hugo G and only briefly addresses law merchant, 
but I thought I would mention it.