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Survey (fwd)

From: Jenn O'Brien <jao3@LEHIGH.EDU>
Subject: Survey


        My name is Jennifer, and I am a student at Lehigh University in
Bethlehem, Pa. I am currently working on a thesis project focusing on
legislation aimed at regulating the Internet, especially that which targets
sites that are not obscene but strive to convey an educational,
intellectual, or socially beneficial message. As people concerned with
preventing unfair censorship, I was hoping you would take a couple of
minutes to complete a short survey I have prepared as a means of acquiring
data on the viewpoints regarding legislaion such as the CDA or COPA. Any
comments or observations you could provide regarding your feelings on
Internet censorship or your personal work to help protect freedom of
expression on the Web would be greatly appreciated as well. If any of you
would be willing to share your personal stories with me that would also be
great - just let me know when and where I can reach you.
        Thank you for your time.

Please answer these questions using the following scale:
1-Strongly disagree
3-Neutral/ No opinion
5-Strongly agree

1. I feel that the Internet should be subject to some type of content
regulation --

2. I feel minors should not have the same access to certain Web sites as do
adults --

3. I support efforts to encourage parents to utilize "filtering" software on
their personal computers --

4. I feel legislation such as the CDA places an unfair burden on sites with
an educational, social, etc. purpose that are no obscene but may be
considered "indecent" --

5. I would support legislation such as the CDA if it were rewritten to
target only obscenity--

6. I believe terms such as "patently offensive" need to be reconsidered in
light of technological advances such as the Internet that excede any kind of
communication devices previously available --

7. I feel protecting intellectual and creative freedom on the Internet
should take precedence over regulations to monitor what children view --

8. I believe "blocking" software should be allowable in areas such as
libraries and schools --

Additional comments:

Thank you again for your time.