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Re: FYI: 2nd US Big Brother Awards

At 21:49 03.04.00 +0200, Peter Kuhm wrote:

>-> http://www.privacyinternational.org/bigbrother/
>-> http://www.privacyinternational.org/bigbrother/us2000/

>On April 5, 2000, Privacy International will present the 2nd annual
>"Big Brother" awards to the government and private sector organizations
>which have done the most to invade personal privacy in the United States.

aaaand the winners aaare:


Most Invasive Proposal

   Federal Aviation Administration
   for the BodyScan scanners being places in airports in the US

Greatest Corporate Invader

   for monitoring the surfing of 50 million net users

Worst Public Official

   William Dailey & US Department of Commerce
   for Safe Harbor, export controls, opposing US privacy laws.

Lifetime Menace

   for selling credit reports to marketers and keeping inaccurate reports for years.

(More details coming soon)