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Intellectual Property Group recommends improved awareness about 
Intellectual Property  

Proposals to raise the awareness and knowledge of intellectual 
property to aid the success of the creative industries and benefit 
the wider community were published today by Dr Kim Howells, Consumer 
Affairs Minister. The report by the Intellectual Property Group was 
welcomed by Culture Secretary Chris Smith.  

The Intellectual Property Group, set up by the Creative Industries 
Task Force in May 1999 under the chairmanship of Dr Howells, studied 
how to promote the contribution made by intellectual property to the 
success of the creative industries by improving the knowledge of and 
respect for intellectual property amongst all sectors.  

The key recommendations of the report include:  

assessing current levels of awareness about intellectual property so 
as to be able to identify key messages to raise awareness of the 
value of intellectual property;  

rationalising and improving information about intellectual property 
available to users, creators, businesses, advisers and enforcers, 
including by signposting from the University for Industry and the 
Small Business Service;  

teaching about intellectual property in schools and higher and 
further education; and  

training enforcers so they are better able to act against 
counterfeiting and piracy and targeting information at consumers 
about the damage caused by the purchase of counterfeit and pirate 

Dr Howells said:  

"The knowledge economy depends on strong intellectual property rights 
but improving messages about the benefit of these rights to both 
creators and the wider community is also critical. I have found 
invaluable the opportunity to work with the creative industries and 
copyright user interests to deliver this report showing the way 
forward to achieve real and lasting improvements in the publicís 
perception of the need for intellectual property."  

"This report demonstrates that there is much more work to be done and 
I am keen to advance this work. I know that members of the 
Intellectual Property Group also attach great importance to seeing 
this work come to fruition and I hope in our future work others will 
also join us with the same commitment as those who have helped 
deliver this report."  

Mr Smith said:  

"Our Creative Industries are a success story. They generate over £60 
billion of revenue a year, employ around 1.4 million people; and are 
growing at twice the national average. Intellectual property rights 
are at the heart of the new knowledge economy and are of vital 
importance to the creative industries. Greater recognition by the 
public of the role and importance of intellectual property rights 
must be encouraged. This report presents a welcome action plan for 
effecting such a positive change."  

Copies of the report of the Intellectual Property Group of the 
Creative Industries Task Force can be obtained by clicking here (pdf 
file 404kb).  

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