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FYI: Cyber Patrol ban list published on the Web

[ *ROTFLMAO* und hier geht's direkt zu den militanten Extremisten:
[ 	news:de.talk.bizarre	http://www.detebe.org/ 

-> http://loser.port5.com/index.htm

   Code Category
   ---- -----------------------------------
     0  Violence / Profanity
     1  Partial Nudity
     2  Full Nudity
     3  Sexual Acts / Text
     x  = categories 1 and 2 and 3
     4  Gross Depictions / Text
     5  Intolerance
     6  Satanic or Cult
     7  Drugs / Drug Culture
     8  Militant / Extremist
     9  Sex Education
     A  Questionable / Illegal & Gambling
     B  Alcohol & Tobacco
     C,D,E,F Reserved
   ---- -----------------------------------
8 : de.talk.biz*

-> http://www.theregister.co.uk/000405-000029.html

Posted 05/04/2000 7:51pm by Thomas C. Greene in Washington

Cyber Patrol ban list published on the Web

Anyone eager to know which Usenet newsgroups and Web URLs are blacklisted
by Mattel's Cyber Patrol censorware application, but too lazy to compile
and run the cphack utility which decrypts the list, is welcome to visit the
Cyber Patrol Block List Web site.

The site exhaustively lists all of the 64,523 IPs named in the Cyber Patrol
cyber.not file, except those for which a hostname could not be resolved, as
of 16 March. The list is organised according to IP ranges.