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[FYI] (Fwd) FC: EU officials want global tax agreeement and could bl

[Die Zwangseinfuehrung von RPS durcdh die EU wird immer 
wahrscheinlicher??                                  --AHH]

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>From: "Richard Storey" <richards@excelinternet.com>
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>Subject: Euro Tax
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>There is an interesting article in Wired, today, about the EU and
>internet taxes.  There are some statements by officials that are
>rather remarkable, IMO, and I've been wondering how long it would be
>before either the EU or US gov. decided to try blocking or closing
>web sites to enforce their over-reaching views of state.  After
>extra-jurisdictional attempts at enforcement of nation-based law, re:
>S.E.C. and Dept. of Treasury, this is the next step at putting up a
>fence around freedom-of-activity on the net. My question is: how or
>could they carry it out?
>Richard S.
>Net Tax Key to EU Directive
>by Ayla Jean Yackley
>3:00 a.m. Apr. 10, 2000 PDT
>[block excerpt]
>"This will leave out places like the Cook Islands, sure," he said.
>"But that will exist anyway. Marginal stuff will be lost, because we
>don't live in a global police state. That's the price you pay for a
>modicum of democracy."
>For its part, the EU is considering means of enforcement for online
>tax dodgers. Although enforcement is not part of the Directive on
>Electronic Commerce in its present form, Kerrigan said options for
>penalizing non-compliant companies include closing down websites or
>blocking them from doing business in Europe. ------------------

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