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[FYI] Japanisches Rechtsempfinden: Gelinkt & Mitgefangen


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Web Links Can Be Considered Illegal, Osaka Court Judgment Says  

April 7, 2000 (TOKYO) -- A landmark verdict handed down on March 30 
by the Osaka District Court states that, under certain sets of 
conditions, links used to connect one Web page to another could be 
considered an infringement of the law.  

This is the first legal ruling in Japan concerning the hotly 
contested issue of whether creating or using Web links can constitute 
the aiding and abetting of a crime.  

The decision of the Osaka court will have an impact on those whose 
work or hobby involves creating Web pages.  

The court's ruling means that if somebody creates a Web page that 
includes a link to another page, and if that other page is in 
violation of the law, then the person who creates the link can be 
charged with aiding and abetting the crime. This is regardless of 
whether or not they are aware of the illegality of the page they 
linked to.  


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