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Libre Software Meeting

Eric Benard <ebenard@free.fr> wrote:
  Hi All,
  From July, 5th to July, 9th 2000 will take place near Bordeaux the
  first Libre Software Meeting, at the ENSERB, on the campus of
  the Université Bordeaux I, France. This meeting is organized by
  the ABUL ("Linux and Free Software User's Group of Bordeaux").
  The goal of the Libre Software Meeting is to set up a single place
  where as many people as possible will be able to share information
  and gather their energies towards large scale projects. It is open to
  every people willing to contribute to "libre" software : project
  leaders, developers, translators, advanced users, etc. This event is
  absolutely non commercial: participation is free in every meaning
  of the word.
  In the mean time will also take place events dedicated to a larger
  audience, including demonstrations and workshops on the interest
  of free software for education, for instance.
  You can get more informations there : http://lsm.abul.org/
  If you want to see the program just go there :
  If you, developers of linuxppc, want to attend to this meeting,
  to present your current projects, to meet people you only know
  virtually, or just to discuss with other developers,
  feel free to contact me.
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