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[FYI] Eurvoice Update (from: A.C.Guichard@lse.ac.uk)

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From: "Guichard,AC  (ug)" <A.C.Guichard@lse.ac.uk>
Subject: Eurvoice Update
Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2000 18:21:08 +0100

Dear Eurvoice user,

Eurvoice has just been updated !

Please visit http://www.eurvoice.org to see the site and participate in our
new conferences.

 Specifically, you will find that you no longer need a registration code to
enter the discussion area. This is a direct response to those of you who
complained that this was an unnecessary complication. From now on you can go
straight in to the Discussion area. 
  The discussion topics so far have been archived (you can still read them
and add to them) and new conference topics concerning e-commerce,
citizenship and the internet and consumer confidence have been added. We
have also included a space for you to propose your own topics.

We are very eager to give the discussion topics a big push at this stage.
Would you take a look at them and make a few comments to get the discussion

If you have any thoughts about ways of improving Eurvoice please contact
Stephen Coleman: coleman@netcomuk.co.uk  We would like to thank you for your
early interest in Eurvoice and hope that you will stay interested in the

Anne-Claire Guichard

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