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[FYI] (Fwd) From NewsScan: new EU export rules...

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Subject:        	From NewsScan: new EU export rules...
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>From NewsScan Daily:

The European Union has agreed to relax the rules for exporting
encryption software, lifting almost all restrictions on encryption
exports among the 15 EU countries and 10 other countries -- the U.S.,
Japan, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Czech
Republic, Hungary and Poland -- which together make up over 80% of the
world market. The new EU rules eliminate the need to secure approval
from national licensing bodies and do away with security checks for
all encryption products with the exception of so-called
crypto-analytic tools, which can be used to test systems and crack
codes. Companies will need only to promise that the end user of the
encryption product is in one of the 25 countries approved. Exports to
countries outside that group will be subject to current restrictions.
The move puts U.S. encryption companies once again at a disadvantage,
despite a liberalization of export rules that took effect in January.
And although U.S. companies are likely to respond by pushing for
further reforms, it's not likely that the government will oblige.
(Wall Street Journal 28 Apr 2000)

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