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CuteFTP 4.0 and CuteZIP 1.0 Now Available!


Welcome to the Spring edition of the GlobalSCAPE newsletter.  If
you're looking for the best in file management utilities, GlobalSCAPE
has two great new software releases, CuteZIP and CuteFTP 4.0.  CuteZIP
is the first file compression utility combining ZIP, MP3 and strong
encryption and the latest version of CuteFTP offers a secured Site
Manager, enhanced firewall support and even better navigation!
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* * In This Issue * *
I.  CuteZIP 1.0
II.  CuteFTP 4.0

I. CuteZIP 1.0
CuteZIP is the only compression utility employing powerful Twofish
128-bit encryption for unbeatable security and simultaneous archive
support.  It has the added advantage of allowing media enthusiasts to
convert CD audio to MP3 or Microsoft's Windows Media Audio (WMA) --
all with the same easy-to-use interface you've come to expect from
GlobalSCAPE.  This next-generation application is destined to be your
compression utility of choice!

CuteZIP 1.0 Features:
* Strong Encryption for Compressed Files.  CuteZIP incorporates the
     powerful Twofish Encryption Algorithm and standard ZIP
     encryption.  CuteZIP users can be certain their files are safe
     and secure.
* Extensive Archive Type Support.  CuteZIP supports ZIP, CAB
     (LZX:15-21 and MSZIP), ACE, RAR, PK3, PAK, TAR, GZIP and ARJ
     architectures, giving consumers compatibility with virtually any
     compressed file.
* MP3 Audio File Compression.  MP3 is the most widely used digital
     music format on the Internet.  It compresses audio files to
     one-eleventh their original size while retaining near-CD-quality
* Windows Media Audio (WMA).  CuteZIP integrates the ability to
     compress audio files to the new highly efficient WMA format.
     The Microsoft WMA compression algorithm creates audio files that
     need much  less disk space for storage than other audio
     compression formats.  The WMA format also supports Digital
     Rights Management (DRM).  DRM allows consumers to secure music
     they encode by adding "watermarks."  Music encoded with the DRM
     watermarks will play only on the computer on which they were
* Windows Media Rights Manager.  This enables copyright owners to
     prevent unauthorized duplication of the music they make
     available for download. It is the first compression software
     to allow recording in the new Windows Media Technologies 4.0
* Support for CDDB's (www.cddb.com) unique Disc Recognition Service
     (DRS).  CuteZIP automatically downloads all song names, album
     and artist information and places the information into the
     music file's ID3 tag.
* Incredibly Easy-to-Use Interface.  CuteZIP simplifies compressing
     files or encoding music with its double-windowpane interface.
     Users simply "drag-and-drop" files from the left window to the
     right window.

Download your free evaluation copy at:
http://www.globalscape.com/download/cutezip.html.  CuteZIP has a
list price of $19.95 (site license pricing available for quantities of
five or more). Order directly from our Web site at
http://www.globalscape.com/purchase/cutezip.html with a credit card,
or contact  the GlobalSCAPE sales department for more information
at 800-290-5054 (US only), 210-308-8267 (international) or via e-mail
at sales@globalscape.com.

II. CuteFTP 4.0
GlobalSCAPE is proud to announce the release of CuteFTP 4.0!
The latest version of this award-winning FTP client combines
functionality and ease-of-use with exciting new features.

New Features in CuteFTP 4.0:
* Enhanced menu bar, shortcuts, dialogs and new settings
     configuration make CuteFTP 4.0 even easier to use.
* Quick Connect URL bar allows you to directly enter FTP URLs,
     usernames and passwords.
* Encrypted Site Manager data keeps your FTP site date secure.
* Login Dependent Site Manager (NT/2000) allows access to the Site
     Manager based on Windows login.
* Bookmarks allow quick access to frequently used directories from the
     Site Manager.
* Support for SOCKS 4 and 5 and the ability to generate custom
     firewall dialogs give CuteFTP 100% compatibility.
* Smart Keep Alive "stealth" pings FTP servers to keep users
     connected.  Its options include: time intervals, command lists,
     auto-reconnecting and obtaining a new IP address.
* Auto-update: CuteFTP now determines when an update is available and
     downloads/installs it automatically.

Download your free evaluation copy at:
http://www.globalscape.com/download/cuteftp.html.  CuteFTP 4.0 has
a list price of $39.95 (site license pricing available for quantities
of five or more). Upgrades from CuteFTP versions 1.x and 2.x are
available directly from GlobalSCAPE's Web site for $9.95.  If you
are a registered user of CuteFTP version 3.x, you are eligible for
a free  upgrade.  Simply download and install CuteFTP version 4.0
and you will automatically be registered.

Order directly from our Web site at
http://www.globalscape.com/purchase/cuteftp.html with a credit
card, or contact the GlobalSCAPE sales department at 800-290-5054
(US only), 210-308-8267 (international) or via e-mail at

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